Here's a small sample of actual

customer murals

Over 7½ feet tall and nearly 4 feet wide, highly customized movie posters are an awesome addition to any home. Insert your name to the credits or put your face in the picture. You could even add parts from other movie posters if you like. Altho not quite finished with the installation yet, you can see this client chose to have the name of his home theater in bloody letters on the bottom of the poster

landing pad

Park YOUR VERY OWN Millennium Falcon right in your bedroom with the 'Landing Pad' mural. This one measures 12' by 8½' , but you can have one any size you like. This client did an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC mounting job! Actual quote -"This looks a million times better than what we had up there before."

Ticket booth on wall

You don't need a lot of wall space to add a lot of style to your home theater. A client came to us and said,"I have 19 inches of wall space, what can you do for me?" . . This was our answer.

milfal shooting tie - texas storm nov2014

Over 13 feet wide by 8½ feet tall, this mural was made from the cover of a video game box.

Death Star Trench Run

This mural was made from an actual frame of the 1977 original release of Star Wars. . Roughly 14' x 5½'

G Beach Walk

Being over 7 feet tall, and just under 9¼ feet wide, this Godzilla mural dwarfs the yard stick laid across it.

Frontal of Godzilla

This Godzilla mural is a little over 5¼' wide by 8½' tall. The yardstick on the left is for size reference.

12' wide by 8' tall with door in wall . . CLICK ON THE MURAL TO WATCH A 1 MINUTE VIDEO OF IT BEING INSTALLED.

custom avenger sd chasing the millfal

The white area is a simple 8.5x11 piece of paper to show size.

simple star wars picture font banner

approx 7½' x 3½'