Think BIG Murals

When you want to put an image on your wall - Think BIG!




as well as a hidden 1 minute video of an actual mural mounting.  Can you find it?

3 Models to choose from -

Fantasmic - This is the show stopper. Our top of the line.  Ultra Gloss Finish
Excelsior  - Our Most popular line. A great mural at a great price.  Semi-Gloss Finish
Majestic   - The perfect line for the cost concious consumer.  Flat Matte Finish

  • NO STICKY BACKED VINYL - to get all static-y and clingy and act like giant strips of flypaper.
  • NO LONG STRIPS OF PAPER -  that are so unwieldy and nearly impossible for 1 person to deal with easily.
  • NO WALLPAPER PASTE - "Not having to deal with paste getting EVERYWHERE made your mural a dream come true!" - an actual quote!

When you just simply can NOT find the right image, no matter where you look, come to us.  Every single 1 of our murals is CUSTOM MADE  Aside from convention material, WE DO NOT SELL PRE-MADE MURALS.  You can go anywhere and get a mural of a beach, or a forest, or a waterfall.  But where could you go to get a mural - of your kids? Or your house? or a particular shot of a special scene in a movie you once saw?  Where can you go to get that?  RIGHT HERE, that's where!  Every 1 of our murals is a 1 of a kind.  You will have the exclusive pleasure of knowing that when you contract us to make you a mural, it will be the only 1 in the world.

Additionally, we are the only mural company in the world that has its own patented installation process.  It virtually guarantees a perfect installation no matter what.  We put it like this - If you can count to 10 without giving yourself a headache, change a lightbulb without electrocuting yourself, and use a can of spray paint without blinding yourself, than you have FAR more than the required skills to put up 1 of our murals - BY YOURSELF.  That's another feature of a Think BIG Mural!  An avg. sized mural (W10' x H8') can be INSTALLED BY JUST 1 PERSON, WORKING ALONE, WITH NO TOOLS, IN UNDER AN HOUR.